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Hey, I'm BRITISHConnah; Event Admin and Organiser.
I will be taking over this process of the voting competition and giving those prizes out.

I do apologise for not getting the winners in time last month. So this month will have the same prizes.

The voting draw system has changed!
Instead of 1 ticket for every vote, every 10 votes gets you 1 ticket in the draw.
If you have at least 10 votes, you will get 1 ticket in the draw; if you have at least 20 votes, you will get 2 tickets in the draw and so on.

The prizes, this month, will include:
1st Place: End Kit + Enchanted Elytra + Enchanted Diamond Armour + 9 Enchanted Golden Apples
2nd Place: Ocean Kit + Enchanted Bow + Enchanted Sword + 6 Enchanted Golden Apples
3rd Place: Nether Kit + 3 Wither Skulls + 3 Enchanted Golden Apples

If you have any ideas for the next months prizes, feel free to let me know by leaving me a message on the forums or on our Discord medium.

My sincere apologies, I did not manage to check the winners in time. However, this month will be the same prizes. Please do not worry, I will be able to do it this month.

Voting for January, but not really..

Because of some staff changes that will be announced later this week, we will begin this year's stran of voting competitions in Febuary. BRITISHConnah will be the new admin leading these competitions. So, please message him if you have any ideas regarding themes or items that could be included in these competitions.

We also plan to change up how we utalize the ticketing system for voting. Instead of doing 40 tickets for 40 votes, we will do 4 tickets for 40 votes. This means 1 ticket will be work 10 votes. We are making this change because it is a nightmare to input each name for each draw. So, this new process will help to remove a lot of the stress we feel during this event. If you have any suggestions regarding this matter, please contact BRITISHConnah with your ideas.

As of now, everyone should have recieved their bonus vote points. If you believe you missed out on these additional vote points, please contact LostWarrior95 to get it resolved. 

This was mentioned in shout, but here are the winners from the December Voting Competition! 

1st: Lovelyjizzballs

2nd: SpiritofDragon

3rd: Queen_Mideva 

4th: Puffypopper

5th: Eggychan

Thank you to those who have continued to vote over these crazy times. Your votes have helped grow this server and make our community a better place to be! :)