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Voting Dilemma

By [O] LostWarrior95 a - Posted Jul 8, 18

Hello my GenuineMC Family, 

I am sorry to have to say this but the voting comeptition for this month is canceled. Too many players are having voting difficulties for it be a fair comeptition. 

Thus far Nibby and I have double check all the websites make sure they are all still connected to the server. So far there are no issues to report on that front. I have double checked prizes to make sure everything was registered correctly. No issues to report there either. 

I am currently contacting Enjin about this problem and I should hopefully have this resovled by the end of this week. In the mean time, there are things you could do on your end to potentially fix the problem for yourself. 

1. If you vote and recieve no points, skip it the next day and vote the next. 

2. If you vote and recieve no points, reconnect your character to Enjin. Follow this link for more information: https://www.genmc.net/forum/m/15630539/viewthread/25553868-how-to-update-your-account-minecraft-on-enjin

Both have helped multiple players so I am not just saying these suggestions as a last resort type deal. 

I will keep y'all informed as I communicate with Enjin. 

Also, a quick mention about vote keys. Please do not worry about getting keys. These are just test keys to help me know if the voting plugin and chest plugin are working together. I am right now trying to cut it back down to 4 keys, but that is proving to be difficult. I will keep y'all informed as well about this progress. 

Thank y'all for being apart of this community and I look forward to seeing y'all in game. 


BUMP - IF YOU FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE AND ARE STILL FACING ISSUES WITH RECEIVING POINTS, PLEASE COMMENT HERE: https://www.genmc.net/forum/m/15630539/viewthread/32062022-voting-dilemma/post/135709002#p135709002 YOUR IGN SO I CAN NOTIFY ENJIN.