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Hello, GenuineMC!

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Our usual voting competition this month, nothing too special.
The prizes, this month, will include:

1st Place: Husbandary Kit - farming supplies..
2nd Place: Brewer's Kit - potion supplies like: gunpowder, glowstone, redstone, brewing stand...
3rd Place: Miner's Kit - mining supplies like: iron, pickaxes, minecarts, stone blocks...

Well done to our winners from the May voting competition!
Please contact me in game to receive your prizes!

1st Place: Snicki
2nd Place: CuriousGrey
3rd Place: Fyxxen

Please remember the voting system is different now: every 10 votes you get gives you one ticket in the draw.
If you have any ideas for the next months prizes, feel free to let me know by leaving me a message on the forums or on our Discord medium.