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Hey, I'm BRITISHConnah; Event Admin and Organiser.
I will be taking over this process of the voting competition and giving those prizes out.

I do apologise for not getting the winners in time last month. So this month will have the same prizes.

The voting draw system has changed!
Instead of 1 ticket for every vote, every 10 votes gets you 1 ticket in the draw.
If you have at least 10 votes, you will get 1 ticket in the draw; if you have at least 20 votes, you will get 2 tickets in the draw and so on.

The prizes, this month, will include:
1st Place: End Kit + Enchanted Elytra + Enchanted Diamond Armour + 9 Enchanted Golden Apples
2nd Place: Ocean Kit + Enchanted Bow + Enchanted Sword + 6 Enchanted Golden Apples
3rd Place: Nether Kit + 3 Wither Skulls + 3 Enchanted Golden Apples

If you have any ideas for the next months prizes, feel free to let me know by leaving me a message on the forums or on our Discord medium.

My sincere apologies, I did not manage to check the winners in time. However, this month will be the same prizes. Please do not worry, I will be able to do it this month.