January Voting Competition
Welcome one and all to January's voting competition. I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year! We have a variety of prizes to give to those who vote this month! In celebration of the New Year, we will be giving out rank and donation shop items as prizes. Along with that, there will be 5 winners meaning more chances to recieve one of these items!
I would like to remind everyone that for every 10 votes you get one ticket in the drawing!

January's Voting Prizes
1st: Obsidian Rank (Rank Upgrade), 2 Mounts, 2 Pets, 5 Particle Effects, 25 extra vote points
2nd: Emerald Rank (Rank Upgrade), 1 Mount, 2 Pets, 4 Particle Effects, 20 extra vote points
3rd: Diamond Rank (Rank Upgrade), 1 Mount, 1 Pet, 3 Particle Effects, 15 extra vote points
4th: Gold Rank (Rank Upgrade), 1 Pet, 2 Particle Effects, 10 extra vote points
5th: Iron Rank (Rank Upgrade), 1 Pet, 1 Particle Effect, , 5 extra vote points
December's Winners
1st: TuffyKitten
2nd: Royaldecree
3rd: Sin90
Congratulations to last month's winners! Please contact me on Discord or in game to receive your prizes!

If you have a suggestion for future events please message me on Discord or leave a comment down below! I would love to implement ideas from the players!
Good luck and happy voting!