Do you have what it takes to join GenuineMC's Event Organizers? Do you want to help make GenuineMC fun? Do you have a bunch of random and silly ideas you want to share with the community? If your answer is yes, then we suggest that you make an application today! The worse thing you will hear is a no and even then we will help to improve your application.
We have specific criteria that needs to be met prior to applying for a Event staffing position. Keeping to these standards will help to boost your application and raise your chances of being accepted onto the Event staffing team. It is suggested that you follow the format provided down below. You may modify it as much as you like, but we still need to see the same information. It is also suggested that you are an active member of the GenuineMC family. This means you have been on this server for more than a month and are actively follow the rules. We also prefer you to be 14 years or older; though it is highly dependent on maturity level. These are simple things to keep in mind when writing an application, but they will help to make yours stand out from the rest.

We are looking for individuals who are willing to work within a team. We are a family and as a family we work together to make this server thrive. You can work on your own ideas, but it will be suggested and encouraged you create team projects. We need someone who can plan and design events both in-game and out of game. This means you can build and host events on the server as well as host events that might involve our Discord. We are also looking for individuals who can be active for at least 3 to 4 days a week for at least 2 hours at a time. We understand life can get busy, but it is important to keep an active role on the server in order to help it be successful. These are some important guidelines to keep in mind when applying for this position. This is a vital role of the server; without it we struggle.

If you are successful within your application you will begin working with a team to plan monthly to bi-monthly events. These events will range from in-game activities to activities that might involve the server's Discord. You will also work with a team to plan and host various events that are based on holidays that are globally celebrated such as Christmas.

Location: [Timezone, Country, Etc.]
Why should we hire you for Event Staff?:
What is your current knowledge of redstone?:
Coordinates to your builds on GenuineMC.:
Screenshots of your builds off the server.:
(Showing off your building style helps us to better understand your building skills.)

Copy and Paste Version
IGN: Location: Why should we hire you for Event Staff?: What is your current knowledge of redstone?: Coordinates to your builds on GeuineMC.: Screenshots of your builds off the server.: