We'd like to mention that our rules are fairly strict. Ignorance of our rules will not be tolerated. Keep in mind that you can appeal in the "Ban Appeal" section of our forums if you are banned for breaking one of our rules. We have separate rules for our Server, Forums, and Discord; so please review them prior to using any of these applications. Thank you and have a great time on GenuineMC!

1. All server chat rules apply to the forums. This means no spamming and please write in English.

2. No double posting, even if you are sticking to the topic of the thread. We have an edit button for a reason. Please use it.

3. Please keep on topic when commenting on a thread. If you want to talk about something else you can go to our Discord or use Enjin's messaging platform.

4. Please be mature when writing threads or commenting on posts. All server rules regarding maturity apply to the forums as well.

5. No disrespectful behavior towards other players or staff. All server rules regarding respect apply to the forums as well.

6. You can bump your post, such as a staffing application, once every 24 hours.

7. Please no over sized signatures. They are obnoxious and take up majority of the thread. If warned and ignored you will risk being temporarily banned from the forums until you change it

8. Please no advertising on our forums. If you have a server IP in your forum signature, please be sure to hide it when posting on our website or your posts will be removed, as this is a form of advertisement. If seen with this you will risk being banned from the forums.

9. Only comment on a Ban Request if you are giving more info/proof about the situation at hand. You may also comment if you are telling someone to use the correct format.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules.
Now go enjoy your time on GenuineMC!