We'd like to mention that our rules are fairly strict. Ignorance of our rules will not be tolerated. Keep in mind that you can appeal in the "Ban Appeal" section of our forums if you are banned for breaking one of our rules. We have separate rules for our Server, Forums, and Discord; so please review them prior to using any of these applications. Thank you and have a great time on GenuineMC!

1. Chat
  • Do NOT flood public or private chat with any form of text.
  • This includes TP requests, AFK notifications, Joining/Leaving, Deaths, Caps, Bold/Italics, L33t Speak, etc.

Avoiding Mute
  • Avoiding a mute will result in a ban.
  • This includes using /me, /r, /msg, an alternative account (ALT.) , etc.

Our server's primary language is English. We have no issues with players who speak another language, but we enforce this rule because of the difficulties we will face with managing chat.
  • You may write in another language in private chat (/msg).
  • This mostly applies to full length conversations.
  • We do have some staff members that speak another language. Let us know if you need any assistance and we will notify them about your situation.

2. Respect and Maturity
We require that you respect ALL players and staff. You do not have to like them, but you have to respect them as a person.
  • If you have a problem with another player, please contact a staff member to resolve the issue.
  • Do not /ignore or ignore staff, as it prevents them from doing their job. Please speak to both teamlegend and LostWarrior95 if you have an issue with a particular member of staff.
  • Do not tell players in public chat or private chat when a staff member is in vanish. That defeats the purpose of it and it is beyond disrespectful. We are in vanish for a reason, not for you to play hide and seek.
  • Respect all types of people, and refrain from using derogatory terms at it will not be tolerated on this server. NO sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. DO NOT use Gay or Retard as an insult.

Please attempt to keep some semblance of maturity while playing on this server.
  • Swearing is allowed in moderation and when it is not directed towards other players maliciously.
  • Please avoid inappropriate and sexual topics, as well as controversial topics that would lead to arguments.
  • No inappropriate usernames. If your username is deemed inappropriate, a staff member may set a nickname for you. However, you have up to 7 days to change your username or when it is next available to you.
  • Do not build anything that may be seen as offensive or inappropriate (eq: Swastikas, Dicks, etc.).
  • Chat is an open area for conversation. As long as it doesn't break any of our server rules, it is fair game. HOWEVER, if you are asked to STOP by a staff member, or by a member of our community, you must do so.

3. Modifications
We do not allow or tolerate any forms of hacking.
  • This includes kill aura, flying, aim bot, etc. This also includes modded clients such as Nodus.
  • Using them will result in a permanent ban.

Xray, Xray Texture Packs, and Inventory Sorters
  • Xray will result in a long ban and loss of any materials mined in that period of time.
  • Inventory sorters are forbidden because they allow you to replace broken tools automatically which makes afk-mining possible.

Mods and Textures
We allow certain mods such as Capes, Rei's Minimap, and Optifine. If you are unsure if your mod is allowed, please feel free to ask a staff member. You will not get in trouble for asking.

Please report ALL bugs to staff or risk getting punished.
  • Exploitation of any game bug, both Vanilla and Plugin, is prohibited. This includes glitching through blocks to find caves/spawners, using features to avoid AFK, using features to duplicate items, etc..
  • No changing spawner types without a WorldEdit Request.

4. Server Perks
No Anti-AFK Tools
Due to the fact that players pay and vote to avoid the AFK-Kick, we have determined that Anit-AFK Tools are not allowed.
  • This includes AFK Machines, AFK Pools, AFK Fishers, etc.
  • This also includes setting yourself to continually jump, mine, walk, etc.

The End
This rule applies to Guests and Members.
  • If you are caught in the End, you will be forcibly teleported to Spawn. If you are caught a second time, you will risk being banned.
  • If a Member+ or up teleports a lower rank into the End, they will face the same sanctions as the Guest/Member and risk losing access to this location.

Nickname/Rank Name
Since players have the ability to change their in-game name or rank name, we had to create some regulations to keep things sane with this process.
  • A nickname can not be over 16 characters and a rank name can not be over 10 characters. This does not include magic characters and brackets.
  • Both the nickname and rank name can have up to 2 magic characters.
  • You can not impersonate a staff member or other players with your nickname.
  • A nickname may not have any association with racism, sexism, despised characters of history, etc.
  • A staff member may deny your nickname/rank name at any point in time.

Alternative Accounts (ALTS) are allowed on this server if staff are notified about the account.
  • ALTS may not be used to evade a punishment.
  • You may not have multiple ALTS on at the same time.
  • If your main account becomes compromised, and you must use another account, PLEASE make staff aware of your situation so we can help you.

6. Mobs
Entities can create lag. Remember you are on a multiplayer server, so there is no need to hoard animals or objects.
  • If you have an XP farm, please do not let more than 100 mobs accumulate at any given time.
  • Do not log out with more than 50 of each livestock, and don't keep more than 100 at any given time.
  • Boats also count as entities. You may not have more than 50 compiled in one area. Eltyra launchers using boats are prohibited.

7. Staff
DO NOT ask for OP or staff.
  • You may apply for staff if you believe you are fit for the position.
  • Asking to become staff lowers your chances of being accepted, as does spamming staff to look at your application.

8. Advertisement
DO NOT advertise any other Minecraft or Discord servers while in game.
  • You may not give out IPs.
  • You may talk about other serves as long as no IPs are given.
  • Drawing attention to another server with the intention of recruiting members is also considered a form of advertising.

9. Claims/Warps
You may raid any unclaimed builds that you happen to stumble across in tour journey.
  • If a build is partially claimed or if there is a claim nearby, raiding is prohibited. Use a stick and right click to check if claims are nearby prior to taking action.
  • Partially claimed builds and towns are fully protected from raiding.
  • If a build or town is partially claimed, then the entire area is protected with an additional 30 block radius extended from the last block placed by the owner.
  • If a build or town is fully claimed, then the area will have an additional 30 block radius of protection.
  • Stealing/griefing from a claim you have trust in without the owner's consent will result in punishment.
Although raiding/stealing is allowed for specific areas, we would like to encourage players to remain respectful and neighborly.

Claims can be removed even if you do not own it. This is to help clear our abandoned builds for new players to build. You can only request a claim removal if the owner has been inactive for 30 days and does not have an active inactive request. The claim has to be in your way of building for it to be removed.
You can prevent this by filling out an "Inactive Request Form." If accepted, you will receive an additional 30 days of protection on your claims. you must keep this updated if you want to keep your claims safe. This is voided if you have been banned from the server.

Warps will be removed after 30 day if they are unused. An unused warp is either a shop that is out of stock or when the warp's owner has been inactive for a given period of time. You can prevent this from occurring by filling out an "Inactive Awareness Form" as well as maintenance your shop.

10. PVP
Since we are not a PVP based server, we do not tolerate PVP under certain circumstances.
  • Tricking people into a false sense of security. (Lying about a trade, asking to look around, etc.).
  • Camping outside others' claims in order to kill them when they emerge.
  • Teleporting someone into a trap, or to a place where the intent is for them to die;
  • Killing somebody during the day or within a claim by purposefully putting them in a dangerous position, such as placing lava under them etc.
  • Strictly no PvP at the End Farm or the End Main island area.
  • Donation perks (Fly, Speed, etc.) are not allowed in PVP situations unless the opponent has the same perks or if it is allowed among all party members in the fight.
If PVP occurs under fair terms - none of the above bullet points are involved - then neither party is required to return any belongings acquired
Hunting down a specific person to kill isn't very neighborly of you, but not forbidden; as long as you are not killing them over and over again and are taking heed of the above statements. Please don't take it to the point of harassment. You will be asked to stop if it becomes a problem; keep your personal grudges out of PVP.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules.
Now go enjoy your time on GenuineMC!