December Voting Competition
Welcome one and all to December's voting competition. We have a variety of prizes to give to those who vote this month! I would like to remember everyone that for every 10 votes you get one ticket in the drawing! This may change in the future because of our additional voting websites, but we will keep it consistent until I have the time to look over this situation in more detail. Also if you have any suggestions about future competitions PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I would love to implement ideas from the players :).

I want to appologize for the delay. Took me a little longer than I would have liked to have completed my assignments; however, I am now done and free to live life once more. As said, here are our prizes for this month!

December Voting Prizes
1st: 15 dollar voucher to the shop, 15 extra vote points, santa, elf, and reindeer head player head, 2 glowing holiday snowmen (color named)
2nd: 10 dollar voucher to the shop, 10 extra vote points, 2 player heads: santa, elf, or reindeer, 1 glowing holiday snowman (color named)
3rd: 5 dollar voucher to the shop, 5 extra vote points, 1 player head: santa, elf, or reindeer, 1 holiday snowman (color named)

November Winners
1st: White_Tiger80
2nd: DarkShad0wjc
3rd: xOwlyx
Congratulations to last month's winners! Please contact me on Discord or in game to receive your prizes!

If you have a suggestion for future events please message me on Discord or leave a comment down below!
Good luck and happy voting!