Please make a new thread here if you will be inactive for any amount of time that is more than 30 days. This will help to prevent your claim(s) from being removed.
Your inactive request grants you an additional 30 day of protection for your claim(s). After those 30 additional days, you will need to provide an update about your activity or risk your claim(s) being removed.

Note: Claims can only be removed if they are in the way of another player's build. Claims can also be handed over to another player if they are fully trusted to the claim if the original owner does not return. Besides these two circumstances, players may not have claims removed to raid. Claims will either be cleared or transfered depending on the situation.

IGN: [IGN stands for "In Game Name"]
ELOT: [ELOT stands for "Estimated Length Of Time"]
Reason: [Please be blunt about this, if its a personal reason please just say "Personal reason"]
Extra Details:

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