2016 November GenuineMC Voting Competition

Although a little late in the month, GenuineMC will be running it's first Voting Competition in some time with a slight twist! This time instead of voting 80% of the month and picking one winner, each vote you make will be 1 entry ticket to the draw!

That's right! One vote is one ticket and ten votes is 10 tickets. What's in the draw?

1st Draw > $15.00 GenuineMC Voucher, 2 Emerald Blocks, 2 Diamond Blocks & 1 Enchanted Sword!
2nd Draw > $5.00 GenuineMC Voucher, 1 Emerald Blocks, 1 Diamond Blocks & 1 Enchanted Pick!
3rd Draw > $5.00 GenuineMC Voucher, 1 Diamond Blocks & 1 Enchanted Axe!

If we make it within the top 3 on the Planet Minecraft voting website, we will be holding a drop party for all on the first Saturday of the next month.

Get voting today to be in the entry to win!