How to update your Minecraft account name on Enjin.

If you change your name on Minecraft you will need to change your user that is signed up to your Enjin account. (Which you originally added to get Member). If you do not update your account you will run into issues with voting, the vote shop and the rank shop.

Stage 1. Removing your old account.
1. Firstly open your Enjin profile, this can be done easily by visiting our homepage and clicking on your name once you have logged in.

2. Once you have your profile opened you should now select 'Characters' from the lower left.

3. Now you should hover over your Minecraft account and select 'Edit' then 'Remove Character'. Congratulations! You have now removed your old account and you can continue to the second part of this tutorial.

Stage 2. Adding your new account.
4. Now you are ready to add your new Minecraft name to your Enjin account, click 'Add Character'.

7. Change the dropdown list to Minecraft (It's the only option available).

8. Run Minecaft, Go to 'Multiplayer' and then use 'Direct Connect' and enter the IP

9. You will be supplied a Code, either in-game chat or via a kick message.

9. Enter the code you were supplied into the Enjin pop-up from earlier. Congratulations! You have now updated your game character.
Thank you for reading this short tutorial! We hope it has helped you with adding your new Minecraft name to your Enjin account.