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The Biggen Update

[O] LostWarrior95 a posted 19 hours ago

Hello all you wonderful people,

It is update time and this one is a biggen.

Lots of things have changed on the server, and a few of them are observable, like the website, but some others are hidden, like new commands. In this post I am looking forward to sharing these new things with you, the community, so you may explore the new features.


  • Knoxxturre has stepped down as an Event Staff Member.
  • Impaler_Man_14 has stepped up as our new Event Staff Member.
  • Nibby49 has stepped up as our new Technician.
  • Obiepie and _lindsaya have stepped up as our new Chat Moderators.
  • Monkey_Shines has stepped up as our new Moderator+.
  • Yikcass and Nina34 have stepped up as our new Moderators.
  • SophieScrumps has stepped up as our new Volunteer.
  • Queen_Mideva, SohpieScrumps, and Nina14 have all stepped up to be our new Social Media team. They will be running our new social media sites. Once they are available, feel free to follow them and to send them content to share on these sites!
  • Queen_Mideva has stepped up as our new Admin. She has been doing an amazing job on this team as she attempts to do everything for this community. I am grateful to give her this position and I look forward to working alongside her in the future. (She will be trained later this weekend so you may not see her as Admin right away.)

Most of you may already know this information, but I figured to give y'all an update on the various aesthetic plugins we have on the server. 

This plugin is going to be used for voting chests. The chests are currently being modified and should be ready to be used in the next week or two. You will be receiving up to 8 keys for your votes. You will take them to the second floor of the Community HQ to receive your prize.

PVP is now toggle-able. PVP is now naturally disabled when you log in. To turn it on you do /pvp toggle or on and to turn it off you do /pvp toggle or off. 

Players who donate will be receiving access to specific commands from this plugin.
Obsidian: Able to add arms to armorstands. /aa arms (on/off) [range]
Bedrock: Able to add names to armorstands. /aa name [name] and /aa hidenames
Ender: Able to manipulate armorstands.
/aa hp, /aa bp, /aa rap, /aa lap, /aa rlp, /aa llp, /aa stats, /aa base

Bookshelves can now be used as chests for papers, maps, and books. Right click to access them.

Now only half the server needs to be in a bed to change it to day or to remove the rain.

You can now get the head of every mob in the game.

This is a perk special to the Wither rank. It will allow them to add special text to their items when they do /lore.

Helps to identify who owns what pet on the server.

This allows players to marry each other in game. Do /marry to take a look at the various commands.
You need to be member to access them and you need to be membe+ to access heal, tp, and chat.

Allows any creature you can ride to teleport with you. This is disabled in the Nether and End due to duplication errors. You may also glitch out on your ride sometimes, so you may need to just relog. This is not a frequent problem, but it is one that players have noted on the server.

We have some new commands added to the server by our technician.

  • /vote will allow you to see all our voting websites.
  • /pl will show you all our aesthetic plugins.
  • /app or /memberapp will give you a link to the member application.
  • /staff will give you the list of current staff members.
  • /serverhelp will soon be giving you access to all our help links.
  • /social will soon be giving you access to our social websites.

We may add other commands like /shop; however, feel free to comment with some suggestions down in the comments.


  • Our theme has changed from the old halo one. Feel free to give me your opinion of it down below. Personally, I like the new look, but I’m always down to hear other’s opinions.
  • I have added a section in the News and Announcements for old threads, so players can look back on our server’s history.
  • I have added a section for our monthly voting competition.
  • I will be now posting News and Announcements in the forums and on the front page.
  • I broke up Events into server events and player events.
  • I have formatted all the website’s applications, so it is all unified.
  • Members have received a new stats section on their profile page.
  • I have edited the server assistance section. General help will now include any questions you may have about the server or Minecraft mechanics. Bug Report will be for errors you may find or get while on the server or website.

Voting should be resolved as of now. If you are still having issues 
please take a look at this post to resolve any problems you may have regarding this topic. 

MC-ServerList has now been replaced with MC-Server. That old website was causing security issues for various players and was not properly connecting to the server. Here is a link to our new voting site:

Community HQ has been finished.

All the shops have been updated and formatted with the correct information. As a celebration to our new cosmetics, they will go on sale for 1 week starting this Monday.

Please take a look at all the updated ranks. There have been changes to some of these ranks so please make sure you are receiving the right perks. Cosmetics do stack, so if you are a Wither you will be able to receive access to all the perks in the ranks before you. Please fill out a Rank Request for these perks: 

Banner and Picture Comp
The competition has completed. I will be evaluating the works later this weekend and will be giving out prizes this upcoming week. Thank you to everyone who participated in this event!

Things to be completed:

  • Finish formatting our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  • Finish outlining perms and requirements for the Content Creator rank.
  • Finish outlining milestones for voting.
  • Finish updating the server rules.
  • Finish updating the help section of the website.
  • Finish updating the meet the staff section.
  • Finish updating staff application.
  • Continue the project of rebuilding the file system of the server.
  • Update the server's history section.
  • Update voting websites with new banners and information.
  • Make a Google form for player feedback.
  • Outline a time for the server to reload (This includes resting the End and RTP).
  • Various building projects – still coordinating things with builders.

These do not have a specific time span of completion other than being done before the end of this year. If you would like to contribute to some of these projects, please feel free to contact me on the website or on Discord.

As of now, this is the current update of the server. If I have missed anything, please feel free to let me know down in the comments.
If you have any questions and or concerns about what has been shared above, please feel free to comment down below or message me on Discord.

I look forward to seeing you all in game!

Server Down Time

[O] LostWarrior95 a posted Mon at 19:43
As most of you know already, the server had another hiccup yesterday. Players lost some information, but not many. Because of this crash, we are moving the original date for rebuilding the server up to tomorrow: Tuesday 17th, 2018. The server will be going down around 8 to 9pm EST. The server will be down for 1 to 6 hours. Hopefully it should not take this long, but we are just guessing based on how tedious this process will be for us.
To players who have lost items, please comment here: https://www.genmc.net/forum/m/15630539/viewthread/32085562-server-down-time
what you are missing from the time the server went down yesterday.
Known things that are missing:
  • Homesets
  • Inventories
  • Potentially Ranks
  • Potentially Claims
  • Potentially Claim Blocks

So please comment here: 
anything you are missing and one of our staff members will help return it to you. We may not be able to return everything to you and if that happens to be the case, we will compensate you for your lost.
As a side note, scoreboard and voting chests are down because of the crash. Those will be fixed tomorrow as well.
I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have cause y'all. However, this should help to prevent any further issues in the future.
SERVER WILL BE DOWN TUESDAY, 17th 2018 around 8 – 9PM EST for 1 to 6 hours
Thank you