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Important Notice GenuineMC - Rules

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We’d like to mention that our rules are quite strict. Ignorance of our rules will result in punishment according to which one(s) you’ve broken. Keep in mind that you can appeal a ban in the “Ban Appeals” section on the forums HERE. We have separate rules for our Forums, Discord, and Plug DJ. Please read these before using any of these applications. Thank you and have a great time on GenuineMC!

1. No Spam
Do not flood Public or Private chat with any form of text.
  • This includes TP Requests, AFK Notifications, Joining/Leaving, and spamming/flooding.

Any form of avoiding mute will result in a ban;
  • This includes using /minecraft, /r or /reply, /msg, an alternate account (ALT), etc.

2. Keep it Mature
Please attempt to keep some semblance of maturity.
  • Swearing is only allowed in moderation and when it’s not directed towards other players;
  • Please avoid inappropriate and sexual topics, as well as controversial topics that would cause arguments or disruption, while speaking in chat or creating a nickname;
  • If your username is deemed inappropriate and you do not have access to /nick , a member of staff may set one for you;
  • Please don't build anything that may be seen as offensive or inappropriate;
  • Please respect all types of people, and refrain from using derogatory terms, as it is not tolerated. This means NO sexism, racism or malicious attacks towards other players.
  • Anyone who does not follow this will face a long mute or a permanent ban depending on the situation;

Common sense is expected from you. Chat is an open area for conversation, but please respect other players. Any topic, as long as it isn’t racist, sexist, or attacking another player, is okay in chat. Do not try to get around punishment by stating that what you are doing is not directly declared in the rules. If you are asked to STOP by a staff member, or by a member of our community, you must do so.

3. Respect all Players & Staff.
We require that you respect all Players & Staff. If you have a problem with another player breaking the rules, please contact a staff member to resolve the issue.

Do not /ignore or ignore staff, as it prevents them from doing their job. If you have a problem with a particular staff member, contact another staff member or the server owner about it.

Do not tell players in public chat or in private chat when a staffer is in vanish or goes in vanish. That defeats the purpose of it and is beyond annoying. We are in vanish for a reason, not for you to play hide and seek. If seen doing so you will be warned, then muted, then banned.

4. No CAPs or L33T Sp3@k.
CAPs & Leet Speak aren't necessary and quite obnoxious, you will be warned to correct your typing if your message contains a majority of caps, or if your writing is difficult to read.
  • Abbreviations are accepted to an extent. Please be wary of your typing;

5. Please speak English.
English is our primary language.
  • You may use other languages in private messages (/msg) following getting member. You can apply HERE to get this ability.
  • We will warn you if you begin speaking another language in public chat. After this you will be muted or kicked. If it persists, you will be banned;
》This mostly applies to full length conversations.

6. Strictly no Hacking
We don't allow hacking of any kind.
  • This includes Xray, Kill Aura, Jesus-Hacks, Book Hacks, Flying, Aim Bot, Nuker, Fast Mining, ETC;
  • Any form of Modded Client such as Nodus;

Using them will result in an immediate ban and you will not get a second chance.

7. No abusive game modifications.
We allow certain mods in game such as Capes, Rei’s minimap, and Optifine.
If you are unsure if your mod is allowed to be used, don't be afraid to ask a staff member. Please provide them with a link so they can confirm with you whether or not you’re allowed to run that mod. You will not get in trouble for asking!

Modifications such as X-Ray Texture Pack and Inventory sorters aren't allowed.

  • X-ray will result in a long ban and a lost of any materials mined in that time.
  • Inventory sorters are forbidden because they allow you to replace broken tools automatically which makes afk-mining possible.

No Exploitation of any game bugs, both Vanilla and Plugin. This includes:
  • Glitching through blocks to find caves/spawners, using features as a AFK pool, using features to duplicate items.
  • Any other format that provides an advantage over other players using a bug.

Changing spawners without the use of a WorldEdit request is strictly forbidden. Click HERE to make a request for a spawner change.

8. Bypassing the AFK kick is not allowed.
Due to the fact that people pay to not be AFK kicked we have come to the conclusion that AFK machines will NOT be allowed.
  • This includes AFK Machine, AFK Pools, AFK Cart Rails, AFK Fishers;
  • This also includes continually setting you self to jump, mine, etc.

Anyone found with an AFK machine will be asked politely to remove it. If not removed that day then it shall be forcibly removed by a staff member. If the machine is forcibly removed the staff member(s) are not required to give back your item(s).

If you do not answer staff when asked to remove the machine or to stop with your keyboard bypass you will be jailed or banned.

9. ALT Accounts are Allowed Unless...
Alternate (Alt) accounts may not be used to evade a ban or mute; we do allow you to have multiple accounts as long as these accounts are never used at the same time for an advantage and staff are aware of them.

If your main account becomes compromised, and you must use another account, PLEASE make staff aware of this so we can help you.

If you have a sibling or someone else in your family who plays and uses the same IP, please tell staff so we know not to ban them if you’re on at the same time.

  • You may need to provide evidence of them being a different person;

10. Don't Have Too Many Animals or Entities!!!
Entities create lag for the server. This is why we need to limit the amount of mobs/animals one person can have.
  • Please remember you're on a multiplayer server and there is no need to hoard food and animals.
  • If you have an xp farm based on a spawner, please don't let more than 100 mobs accumulate at any given time.
  • Do not log out with more than 50 of each livestock animal, and don't keep more than 100 at any time.
》We have a warp with large amounts of different colored sheep at /warp SheepFarm;
  • Boats also count as entities. If you have more than 50 please remove them. Elytra launchers using boats are prohibited.

11. Do not ask for OP or Staff Ranks.
DO NOT ask for OP or Staff. It will result in a mute and or a ban.
  • You may apply for Staff HERE if you believe you are fit for the position.
》Asking to become staff lowers your chances of becoming a staff member, as does spamming 》》current staff to look at your application;
》If you join the server just to ask for these positions you will risk being permanently banned;

12. The End is Member+ and Up only!
This rule applies to Guests and Members.
  • If you are caught in the end you will be forcibly teleported to spawn. If you are caught a second time you will temp banned; third time will result in a perm ban;
  • If you hang around the entrance to the portal, you will be asked to leave;
  • If a Member+ and up teleports a lower rank into the end, they will face the same sanction as the guest/member. If someone wants to enter the end, please direct them to the point store where they can purchase Member+;

13. No Advertising.
Do not advertise any other Minecraft or DIscord servers while in game or on the forums.
  • You may not give the direct server IP in any situation. This includes private messaging;
  • You may talk about other servers as long as no direct IP is given;
  • Drawing attention (publicly and privately) to another server with the intention of recruiting members also comes under advertisement even if no IP is directly given.
You can purchase Member+ through our point store. Click HERE to see.

14. Griefing and Stealing
You may grief/raid/steal from any unclaimed builds that you may happen to stumble across. If a build is partially claimed or there is a claim nearby, griefing is prohibited. If you have a build, claim it. Click HERE, if you need assistance in this process.
  • If you don’t claim your build, you risk losing it to other players;
  • If you do not have enough claim blocks to claim your area then at most partially claim it.
》If your claim is partially claimed and is griefed, please report it to staff so we can roll it back;
》Builds, chests, etc. have a 30 block radius of protection if it is partially protected;
》Towns are considered one whole build, so if a specific unclaimed area inside a town 》》》 》》is griefed, please report it to staff as well.
》If there is no town format or claim land on a build, chests, etc.; then it is free game to all;
》If you do not know if your place is claimed then again click HERE to learn more about claims ;

Stealing/griefing from a claim that you’re trusted to without the owner’s permission will result in punishment.

Although griefing, raiding and stealing is now allowed, we encourage all players to remain respectful and neighborly;

15. Claim Removal Is Allowed After a 30 Day Grace Period
A claim can be removed even if you don't own it. This is to help people who want to start building but find a claim in their way. Claim removal is only permitted if the claim's owner has been inactive for 30 days (or more) AND if said claim is in the way of your build. If you wish to have a claim removed, click HERE to fill out a request.

For the people who know they'll be away longer than 30 days, please make a post on the "Inactive Awareness" section on the forums. If accepted, you will be given an additional 30 days safety period for your claims. After this, you'll need to update your inactive awareness status or your claim will be available for removal.

  • The inactive awareness exception is not available for users who have been banned;
  • If you are permanently banned then this 30 day limit is voided;
  • It is highly suggested that you stay active so that you will be able to keep your claim!

Warps will be removed after 30 days if they're unused. An unused warp is either a shop that is out of stock or when the warp's owner has been inactive.
  • To prevent this players can fill out an Inactive Awareness form to extend it to 30 days, similar to claims. This does not apply for warps that can always be used, such as minigames;

16. PVP Regulations
As we are not a PVP based server, we do not tolerate PVP under certain circumstances.
These include:

  • Tricking people into a false sense of security. (Lying about a trade, asking to look around, etc.);
  • Camping outside others' claims in order to kill them when they emerge;
  • Teleporting someone into a trap, or to a place where the intent is for them to die;
  • If you have traps around your house to kill mobs, please put signs by them so that players don't unknowingly die and lose their items;
  • Killing somebody during the day or within a claim by purposefully putting them in a dangerous position, such as placing lava under them etc;
  • Strictly no PvP at the End Farm or the End Main island area (this includes if someone is hogging the end farm, ask them if you can use it and then ask staff for help if they do not comply.)
》Please notify staff if a player is AFK and in the way at the End Farm. We can move them to a 》》different location.
  • The use of donation perks (Fly, Speed etc) also should not be involved in any PVP activity during or before a battle unless the opponent has the same perks AND it has been organized, otherwise there is an unfair advantage. Even having your fly mode on during a PVP match with a non-flying player is considered unfair, as fly negates fall damage.
》If the donor prefers to disengage in combat and fly away, this is also acceptable, but 》》》 》》must not kill the other player in the process.

If PVP occurs under fair terms - none of the above bullet points are involved - then neither party is required to return any belongings acquired.

Random teleport is not considered unfair, as you are not tricking the person into letting you come to them, and it is highly unlikely you will end up near someone, however if you do end up near someone, all of the above statements apply.

Accepting or sending a random tpa request without preface gives either party the right to kill the other.
  • The only time it is considered to be tpa killing would be if an intention is lied about (such as a trade, showing a build etc.) and before, during or after the agreed action is performed, either person is killed by the other without prior agreement that PvP is the next interaction;

Hunting down a specific person to kill isn't very neighborly of you, but not forbidden; as long as you are not killing them over and over again, and are taking heed of the above statements. Please don't take it to the point of harassment.. You will be asked to stop if it becomes a problem; keep your personal grudges out of PVP.


Here at GenuineMC Semi-Vanilla we have these guidelines on Nicknames, Rank names & Chat color restrictions in place to help keep our chat clean and easy to read for each and every user. Please make sure when setting a nickname, typing or requesting a prefix that it conforms to the restrictions below.

Nickname Restrictions
1. A nickname must be 16 or less characters long, not including magic characters.
2. A nickname must not impersonate another user.
3. A nickname may contain up to 2 Magic characters.
4. A nickname must not use an underline.
5. A nickname must not have any association to racism, sexism, or despised characters of history A.K.A Hitler.
6. A staff member may ask you to change your nickname at any time.

Rank Name Restrictions
1. A prefix must not be over 10 characters long, not including the brackets.
2. You may only have one pair of brackets/symbols.
3. A rank name must not use an underline.
4. A rank name may contain up to 2 magic characters.
5. You must use pairs of symbols.
6. A staff member may deny/change your rank at any time.

Color Chat Restrictions
1. Bold/italics may only be used in moderation (i.e., one or two words).
2. Only colored chat is to be used permanently (i.e., no bold/italics).
3. No underlined chat under any scenario.
4. Staff may use bold/caps for important announcements.

Spoiler: FAQShow

1. No Spamming. This includes double posting, even if you are sticking to the topic of the thread. We have an edit button for a reason. Use it.

2. Keep on Topic.

3. Post in English.

4. Please only bump once every 24 hours at the most.

5. Please no over sized signatures. They are obnoxious and take up majority of the thread. If warned and ignored you will risk being temporarily banned from the forums until you change it

6. No advertising on our forums please. If you have a server IP in your forum signature, please be sure to hide it when posting on our website or your posts will be removed, as this is a form of advertisement. If seen with this you will risk being banned from the forums.

7. Only comment in Ban Requests if you are giving more info/proof about the player's rule breaking. You may also comment if you are telling someone to use the correct format as well.

8. Be Mature. No disrespectful behavior towards other players or staff.

Spoiler: Double Posting/Editing PostsShow

Click HERE to go to our Discord server!
1. All chat rules apply here.

Absolutely NO NSFW content.
This means discord names, nicknames, profile pictures, images or text posted.

Do NOT spam text channels.
Please try and keep them clean.
This rule does not apply to #meme-channel or #bot-playground.

Do NOT post something in multiple channels.
If you are caught doing this, you risk those posts being deleted and a warning.

Post in the correct channel.
We have the right to remove your posts if posted in the wrong channel.
If you are unsure what something goes in which channel, please ask in #genuinemc-support.

Keep chat appropriate.
This means no sexual chat, harassment, racism, sexism, derogatory terms, homophobia, insults or hate.
Remember: we have younger demographics on this medium.

Do NOT advertise here.
Do not advertise any other Minecraft or Discord server here.
Look under rule 2 at #shameless-ads for exceptions to this rule.

Voice changers are NOT allowed.
They are annoying and generally unpleasant.
Mocking a user's original voice is counted as harassment.

All players can create and give instant invites to other people.
Please remember that this discord is for GenuineMC users.
If you happen to stumble across the discord and you’re not part of GenuineMC, you are welcome to use the public channels.
Try and avoid inviting non-GenuineMC members to this discord.

2. Specific channel rules:

Specific rules for #meme-channel:

NSFW memes containing sexual content are forbidden here.
Do NOT direct racist memes at any particular person(s) or group(s).
Meme spam is permitted as long as it abides the above rules.

Specific rules for #music-suggestions:

Keep the music appropriate.
Explicit songs are allowed, but no racial, sexist, or disrespectful songs.

Keep this channel for music only.
Other links, use the other channels.

Specific rules for #gaming-channel:

Games screenshots or experiences are to be posted here
Use the other channels for different content.
This does not have to be GenuineMC or Minecraft related, as long as it's gaming.
If you created the game, #content-creation would be better for that.

Specific rules for #content-creation:

Don't post copyrighted items claiming it's yours.
Provide citations and sources from where it came from.

You can post for other people but ensure proper credit is given.
Claiming and/or stealing content that others have posted is highly forbidden.

If you wish to use something someone has made for another purpose, always ask the original creator.

Posts from content creators must be generally appropriate for the viewing audience.
No nudes, racial images, sexist images, or images disrespecting other individuals. Please use common sense.

If you are a content creator, you must continue to post content.
When you become a content creator, the maximum grace period before we ask you about your status is one month.
If you have given a reason to staff or in #genuinemc-support why you are inactive or will be, then we will not remove your status.
If you have no content to post or you are in a "creative slump", please inform us and we won't remove your status.

Specific rules for #shameless-ads:

You may advertise games, account pages or social media here.

Do NOT advertise any other Minecraft server or Discord server here.
Please be aware that you cannot advertise directly to a different Discord or Minecraft server forum or page.
Advertising of another Discord or Minecraft platform is a permanent ban.

Specific rules for #construction-feedback:

Minecraft Builds you have been working on go here.
Remember builds must be appropriate.
Everyone has the right to critique on your builds, obviously not harsh criticism though.

Specific rules for #roleplay-channel:

Roleplay using your original characters here!
Remember no NSFW content here.
Keep the roleplay appropriate.
Respect everyone! If you don't like roleplay, ignore this channel.

Roleplay using normal text for speech, italic text for actions and (( before statements for out of character.

Specific rules for #discord-dj:

Do NOT abuse the bots.
If you dislike a song, do NOT force skip it if you have the DJ role.
Explicit songs are allowed, however nothing highly offensive: no hate songs, no insulting / directed / inappropriate songs.
If people are okay with your song, then it can stay.

Try to avoid playing too many songs together, this gives other people a turn, unless:
The majority of the people in the music room are okay with you doing that;
You are playing an album or a podcast, upon agreement; or
The song you share is a “follow-up song” or part of an album.

Force skipping is to only be used if the song has any of the below requirements:
The song is absurdly long or longer than nine minutes in length;
The song is not appropriate for the channel;
The “song” is not a song; or
The “song” is a random meme byte or clip.

Remixes, mashups, meme songs, instrumentals and EDM are allowed.
If you are playing a playlist/album upon agreement, the nine minute limit does not apply.
If you are playing a podcast upon agreement, the podcast length must be under one hour and thirty minutes.

If your song does not comply to these terms, staff have the right to remove your song through skipping or removing it from the queue.
If you are unsure as to what can be played, ask a moderator if it is allowed before you do.

Specific rules for #bot-playground:

Please be sensible with the bots.
If a bot breaks: please inform the staff team.
Please note: If you'd like to mute the channel to stop notifications for it, right click the channel and then click on "Mute".

3. Discord usage rules:

You must follow ALL the rules; no exceptions given.
Ignorance of rules does not negate your punishment.

If you are banned on the main game server, DO NOT use this medium.
You do not have to leave the discord server but do NOT use it.
You will risk extending your ban on the server and possibly receive a ban on discord too.

If you walk away from your microphone, MUTE your microphone.
No one wants to hear your background noise or adventures.
If you have tonnes of background noise, you will be asked to mute yourself and move to a
If your voice echoes, please fix this by turning down your microphone sensitivity with the settings.
If you use "Push To Talk", this rule does not neccesarily apply.

Do not inappropriately use our platform.
Keep the chat appropriate, we have younger demographics here.
No sexual chat or harassment from or to players.
Absolutely no racism, sexism, derogatory terms, homophobia, insults or hate.

4. Role rules:

Having a higher role than someone does not neccesarily make you better than them.
Treat everyone with respect and kindness; treat others the way you'd like to be treated.

If you are missing roles, ask for them back in #genuinemc-support.
If you do not tell us, we cannot help you. Please be active and ask for the roles.

These roles below can determine what access you have on the discord.
Please ensure that you acknowledge and ask if you're applicable for a role.

If you are a Guest, Member or Member+ on the main game server:
Please ask for the member role in #genuinemc-support.

If you have donated on the main game server:
Please ask for the donator role in #genuinemc-support.
Please do bear in mind, we check your status. If there is no proof of your status, you will be denied this role.

If you create content and wish to be a content creator:
Please ask for the role in #genuinemc-support, please note that staff will require proof of your status.

We use the Meeseeks Bot on our discord.
If you do not want to receieve any Meeseeks notification badges or messages, please ask for the Meeseeks Blocker role.
This role will prevent you from getting notifications from Meeseeks, however you can still interact with it using commands.

5. Moderating rules:

Do not ignore, mute or insult staff.
We are here to assist you, please respect us.

Do NOT ask for OP or staff powers.
If you wish to apply for this, apply on the forums.

If we ban you, we have logs and reasons behind doing so.
Do NOT ask to be unbanned, appeal on the forums.

Click HERE to go to our Plug DJ server.

1. You can play music as long as nobody objects

2. Don't play random sound bytes, random memes, or anything inappropriate.
  • This is only acceptable if majority of the players in Plug DJ are okay with this. This ONLY applies to random sound bytes and random memes. Inappropriate pictures, etc. are STILL forbidden.
》If a players ask for you to stop on this, then STOP.

3. Keep topics appropriate, don't disrespect other speakers.

4. All server chat rules still apply.

5. Don't use Plug Dj as a way to negate a mute/jail/ban.
  • You will risk being banned from Plug Dj and receiving a longer time on your mute/jail/ban on the server

6. Please do not annoy people while using Plug DJ, this is harassment and will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

7. If you have a suggestion or question, keep it mature and friendly towards the large young demographic that use this service.

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[S] LostWarrior95 a
LostWarrior95 @ GenuineMC 1.12
Bump- Due to changes in the End PVP. It was mentioned in the News widget, but I figured a pop up on the forums news feed will gain peoples attention as well.
Posted Jun 10, 16
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Bump; small update. This wasn't here before for some reason.
**Any form of avoiding a mute (using /minecraft, /r or /reply, using an alternate account - as addressed below - or by spamming private message commands to annoy staff), will result in a ban.
If you fall, I'll be there.
Posted Aug 17, 16
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Bump again; another small update.
This rule also now, with the addition of Elytras in the game, applies to boats. Boats count as entities which lag the server just as animals do, so if you are in possession of an Elytra launcher, or know you have more than 50 boats, you must remove them.
If you fall, I'll be there.
Posted Aug 22, 16
New 'Griefing' rules implemented.
Illusora wrote:
11. Griefing and Stealing
You may grief/raid/steal from any unclaimed builds that you may happen to stumble across. If you have a build, claim it (If you do not know how to do so, type "How to claim" in chat. A link will appear, clicking it will direct you to a video tutorial on claiming). Otherwise you will be risking losing your property to other players. If you do not have enough claim blocks to claim your area (of which you get 100 per hour of un-afk play, and you can check the amount you have by doing /claimlist), (or have a legitimate reason for it not being claimed) and you happen to be griefed, notify a staff member and they will come to roll back the griefed blocks/items. Before stealing, griefing or raiding, ensure that the build you wish to grief is completely unclaimed. If it is partially claimed you will be warned, and if it continues, punishment will follow. To check for claims, right click the ground, or a block with a stick. If you have been trusted to a claim, and you grief or steal from the owner of the claim without their permission, you will be punished.
Although griefing, raiding and stealing is now allowed, we encourage all players to remain respectful and neighbourly.
If you fall, I'll be there.
Posted Oct 10, 16 · Last edited Oct 10, 16
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x 7
Illusora wrote:
If a warp is unused, (meaning it is a shop that is out of stock, or the owner or a player looking after the warp has been inactive) it may be removed, as it becomes spam in the warp list. This does not apply for warps that can always be used, such as minigames.
If you fall, I'll be there.
Posted Dec 1, 16
x 2
x 2

If a claim is removed by staff, it will no longer be rolled back, due to the newly implemented griefing rules.
If you fall, I'll be there.
Posted Dec 8, 16
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x 1
Not in the rules but it'll get noticed here.
Each worldedit cannot be larger than 1,000,000 blocks.
Because it becomes hell on Earth for us.
If you fall, I'll be there.
Posted Dec 8, 16
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x 1
Pat's not allowed to quit.
If you fall, I'll be there.
Posted Dec 16, 16
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x 4
New advertisement rules.

7. No Advertising.
Do not advertise any other Minecraft servers while in game or on the forums.
You may not give the direct server IP in any situation. This includes private messaging.
You may talk about other servers as long as no direct IP is given.
Publically as well as privately drawing attention to another server without giving the IP, with the intention of recruiting members of the public also comes under "advertisement."
If you fall, I'll be there.
Posted Jan 8, 17
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x 6
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