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Vote Comp!

[S] Divine_Chaos posted Wed at 23:45

August & September Voting Comp!

Since the server is still under lots of work due to the update, we will be extending this months vote comp for two months to give everyone a fair time to vote.

Prizes will include:

1st Place: A $20 GenMC Voucher + 30VP

2nd Place: A $15 GenMC Voucher + 25VP

3rd Place: A $10 GenMC Voucher + 20VP

We appreciate you all being so patient with us while we work to get the server running smoothly again.

Voting gives us more donations and more players to expand our community, so make sure to vote for the server you love!

Congrats to the Winners of July:

1st Place: Yezall

2nd Place: msesgg

3rd Place: NormanClegg

*Please Msg Divine_Chaos in game for your reward!*

July 2017 Voting


Here are the winners of June 2017!

1. normanclegg

2. healthup

3. msesgg

Please message Divine_Chaos in game to get your prizes!

This month our prizes are going to be biome themed!

We will have 6 biome themed builder chests with various items, the first winner gets first choice and so on. We currently have:

Hell Biome

End Biome

Plains Biome

Tiaga Biome

Mushroom Biome

Desert/Mesa Biome

Please be sure to vote for your server! The top 3 voters will be entered in a drawing to claim these chests!

Good luck!

*Any suggestions on prizes, please /msg Divine_Chaos in game*