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July 2017 Voting


Here are the winners of June 2017!

1. normanclegg

2. healthup

3. msesgg

Please message Divine_Chaos in game to get your prizes!

This month our prizes are going to be biome themed!

We will have 6 biome themed builder chests with various items, the first winner gets first choice and so on. We currently have:

Hell Biome

End Biome

Plains Biome

Tiaga Biome

Mushroom Biome

Desert/Mesa Biome

Please be sure to vote for your server! The top 3 voters will be entered in a drawing to claim these chests!

Good luck!

*Any suggestions on prizes, please /msg Divine_Chaos in game*

June 2017 Voting 

Competition Is Under Way!

Hello All! Ellie here

I have the results of GenMC's May Voting Competition! Here are the winners:

1. msesgg

2. healthup

3. kickerguy

*Message Divine_Chaos in game to get your prizes!*

This month we have some pretty hot prizes! Remember 1 Vote gets you 1 ticket inside the GenMC Vote Competition and this time we are gonna go all out, 10 Votes gets you an ADDITIONAL 5 tickets! So make sure to vote and support the server you love!

Prizes for the Winners of June:

Farm Animal Eggs!

1st Draw: 2 Pigs, 2 Chickens, 2 Cows, 2 Mooshrooms, 2 Sheep, 2 Villagers, 1 Dog, 1 Cat ,1 Llama, 1 Polarbear!

(pretty cool, huh? -Tsu takes credit for this.)

2nd Draw: 2 Pigs, 2 Chickens, 2 Cows, 1 Dog, 1 Cat   

3rd Draw: 2 Pigs, 2 Chickens, 2 Cows, 1 Dog

GOOD LUCK! And may the odds be ever in your favor...

Any Suggestions? Please Message A Member Of Administrative Staff!