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January - February Voting Competition

[S] LostWarrior95 a
LostWarrior95 @ GenuineMC 1.12
posted Sat at 13:43

Voting for January, but not really..

Because of some staff changes that will be announced later this week, we will begin this year's stran of voting competitions in Febuary. BRITISHConnah will be the new admin leading these competitions. So, please message him if you have any ideas regarding themes or items that could be included in these competitions.

We also plan to change up how we utalize the ticketing system for voting. Instead of doing 40 tickets for 40 votes, we will do 4 tickets for 40 votes. This means 1 ticket will be work 10 votes. We are making this change because it is a nightmare to input each name for each draw. So, this new process will help to remove a lot of the stress we feel during this event. If you have any suggestions regarding this matter, please contact BRITISHConnah with your ideas.

As of now, everyone should have recieved their bonus vote points. If you believe you missed out on these additional vote points, please contact LostWarrior95 to get it resolved. 

This was mentioned in shout, but here are the winners from the December Voting Competition! 

1st: Lovelyjizzballs

2nd: SpiritofDragon

3rd: Queen_Mideva 

4th: Puffypopper

5th: Eggychan

Thank you to those who have continued to vote over these crazy times. Your votes have helped grow this server and make our community a better place to be! :) 

Voting Competition

[S] LostWarrior95 a
LostWarrior95 @ GenuineMC 1.12
posted Dec 2, 17

Voting for December!


 >>> CLICK ME <<<

These past few months have been obnoxiously busy. Voting was not done in time, so we don't have access to accurate data regarding points. So, we will do the x3 bonus points at the end of this month!

Remember: 1 vote = 1 ticket in the draw

Prizes will include:

1st Place: A $30 GenMC Voucher + 30VP + Mending/Infinity Bow + Fully Enchanted Sword + Fully Enchanted Armor + 5 God Apples + 8 Villager Eggs 

2nd Place: A $20 GenMC Voucher + 35VP + Fully Enchanted Sword + Fully Enchanted Armor + 4 God Apples + 4 Villager Eggs 

3rd Place: A $15 GenMC Voucher + 25VP + Fully Enchanted Armor + 3 God Apples + 2 Villager Eggs 

4th Place: A $10 GenMC Voucher + 15VP + 3 God Apples + 2 Villager Eggs +  - Temp for December 

5th Place: A $5 GenMC Voucher + 5VP + 2 God Apple + 2 Villager Eggs - Temp for December

*Even if the voucher isn't enough for a rank, we plan to add back cosmetics after transfers. So, save it till then if you want some details on your character!

We appreciate you all being so patient with us while we work to get the server running smoothly again. We should be fully functional by the end of this year. Things have just been catching up.

Voting gives us more donations and more players to expand our community, so make sure to vote for the server you love!

Now for the bonus in return for these errors!

Anyone who votes more than 5 times in December will receive an ADDITIONAL 3x the points they earn, so make sure to vote and get all the points you can!

Congraulations to our November Winners!

1st: Glenda73

2nd: Galahad17

3rd: Obiepie

[M] puffypoper question: how will we redeem this 3x points, is it auto? if not, how? just asking cause i might be off to work this 30 ...